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On August 4 and 5, 1990, we had our second reunion at the Viscount Hotel near LAX and a picnic the next day at Westchester Park.

Bob Alexander of JFK AZA was the Reunion Committee Chairman and the Reunion Committee included: Shellie Axelrod, Pam Burns, Mike Cohen, Connie Adler Galloway, Linda Hirsch Greenberg, Phil Greenberg, Sandy Alexander Griggs, Paul Gold, Howie Golub, Shel Helfing, Barbara Gibson Paul, Robin Schiff, Edy Gershbock Seaver, Elaine Segal, Brian Senit, and Temmie Novak Silver

Favorite Activities In BBYO
Socials, Dating, Gossip, Weekly meetings, Conventions, Kallahs, Dances, Elections, Singing together, Sleepovers (both girls and coed), Going to Westwood, Drinking, Women, Sex and ?, Messing around, Sports, Installations, Beau Interviews, Sample the Example, Meeting guys, Talent Shows

Favorite Food at Bob's Big Boy
Hot Fudge Cake, Big Boy with Onion Rings, Hot Fudge Sundae, Big Boy and Milkshake, Brownie Sundae, Big Boy Combo, Pancakes, Blue Cheese Dressing, Onion Rings, Chocolate Shake, Hot water with lemon, Big Boy Combo with fries, Big Boy Hamburger with strawberry cheesecake, Big Boy Cheeseburger, French fries dipped in blue cheese dressing, Ham and cheese salad with no cheese, Big Boy with mustard only, Spaghetti and Chili

Favorite Songs of the 70's
Rock the Boat, Danny's Song, Blue Sky, Anything by the BeeGees and the Commodores "Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady", Stairway to Heaven, Sunshine of Your Life, Born to Run, Black Waters, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, Layla, Dazed and Confused, Anything not sung by Barry Manilow, You've Got A Friend, Brick House, BBYO songs, I Go Crazy, If You Leave Me Now, Crocodile Rock, Songs by the Eagles, Reasons, Anything by Jimi Hendrix, Fly Like An Eagle, Anything by Elton John
Favorite Sayings
  • Yeah, O.K.!
  • Let's go to Westwood!
  • It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice.
  • Should a gentleman off a lady a packadillo?
  • Totally hot!
  • I hear ya.
  • Westwood's dead!
  • No way, dude!
  • Dah!!!
  • Al's Gals - Pinkie Power.
  • Oh wow, man.
  • F___ing A!
  • Who loves you baby?
  • Sure, I would love to.
  • Knee Hi!
  • Oh, my God!
  • Doris is a moron.
  • Gag a maggot
  • Rolling in the hay.
  • What a nebish!
  • What a Bob!
  • Hoochie Coo.
  • Give me some scrambled eggs and sausage.

Top Ten Reasons Why We Joined AZA and BBG in the 70's
By Mike Cohen (JFK AZA) Reunion Committee
  • 10. We could digest Bob's Big Boy meals, then.
  • 9. We were too young to get into Y.E.S. or J.A.S.P. events.
  • 8. We wanted to be part of an organization we knew we would never let our children join.
  • 7. We needed to know if all those things they said about Edy Gershbock and about Chuck Feldman were true.
  • 6. We were rejected by Demolay.
  • 5. We strived for the five BBYO folds of Religious, Cultural, Athletic, Community Service, and Driving a beemer.
  • 4. We could learn 50 new words at the Kallahs and regional conventions, and none of the words would be in Hebrew.
  • 3. We wanted to be part of a Jewish group where services would be the last place we would be found on a Friday night.
  • 2. The boys thought B.B.G. referred to Bigger Busted Girls, and the girls were unaware A.Z.A. meant All Zeros Apply.
    And, the number one reason why we joined BBYO in the 70's
  • 1. We seeked leadership opportunities and figured if Mark Frydman could be a GLA Regional President, anybody could.

Photos From the Reunion

Photos provided by Temmie Novak Silver.

Bill Fluster and Vivki Rosen
Bill Fluster and Vicki Rosen

Robin Schiff, Paul Gold, and Sandy Alexander
Robin Schiff, Paul Gold, and Sandy Alexander

Marc Levy and Edy Gershbock
Marc Levy and Edy Gershbock

Shellie Axelrod
Shellie Axelrod

Edy Gershbock and Sylvia Hirsch
Edy Gershbock and Sylvia Hirsch

Joan Rothschild and Jeff Baron
Joan Rothschild and Jeff Baron

Bonnie Gaiber, Temmie Novak, and Deni Padveen
Bonnie Gaiber, Temmie Novak, and Deni Padveen

Group Shot Later in the Evening
Group Shot Later in the Evening

Taryn Maraine and Mark Karno
Taryn Maraine and Mark Karno