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 Bob Alexander
  • JFK AZA Sweetheart Interviews - “Sample the Example”
  • Meeting Sam Beber, the founder of AZA, at the 50th Anniversary Celebration in 1974.
 Joe Carmel
Many of my memories come from hearing music I loved or I was introduced to during my BBYO years and whenever I hear those songs I return to those days in some small way. How can I forget...
  • Favorite Hangout: Al Penni's Restaurant in Culver City (open 24 hours with 250 items on the menu and great coffee) and Yellow Submarine on Santa Monica Blvd.
  • Favorite Socials: Westchester BBG
  • My Car: 1968 Pontiac Tempest Station wagon and my 1974 Gremlin
  • driving down Westwood Blvd. blasting Funeral for a Friend,
  • giving a copy of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road to Edy Gershbock for her sixteenth birthday,
  • going to the Who concert the night before Kallah 73,
  • hearing Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting at the International Convention in ’74,
  • watching Vicki Rosen and Rena Shamie totally excited about “Feeling Stronger Every Day” by Chicago,
  • listening to Wild Horses and Angie with Vicki Rosen,
  • listening to Jon Statsinger play Classical Gas on his guitar at Kallah 73,
  • being introduced to Monster Mash by Robert Levy in HPW,
  • hearing “You Are The Sunshine of My Life” at Sandi Mazel’s house,
  • turning Jeff Hanen on to Ziggy Stardust,
  • listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, the Moody Blues, Cat Stevens, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash while working on the Covenant AZA newspaper with Eddie Hersh, Lawrence Lyons, Mike Farkas, and Stan Schwarz,
  • listening to Cat Stevens, Jethro Tull, Led Zepplin, and the Who with Rube Berman,
  • hearing Levon by Elton John for the first time at Martin Wolf’s house when we were trying to get him to join HPW,
  • going to Aaron’s Records on Melrose and trying to find bargain records.
 Holly Feinstein
  • Handing over the gavel to Connie Adler at Dimona’s installation and Yami AZA stealing it within 5 minutes. After the installation, there was a big car chase scene in Westwood and Donnie Wortman jumped out of his car and started running through the crowd. I chased him and hit him on the head with a hardcandied oversized lollipop. (ouch)
  • Dimona’s 50’s social with Yami AZA, that later was a sleepover at Dena Mossman’s house. Every AZA chapter in GLA tried to get into the house all night long.
  • AZA Sunday football - when all the players ended up in the mud. Phil Greenberg throwing Connie Adler into the mud in her white pants.
  • Phil Greenberg bragging about having two dates for the Sweatheart Beau Ball and ended up going by himself.
  • Bowling at the Pickwood in Westwood.
 Paul Gold
  • Mark Frydman t.p.ing Jimmy Seals (Seals and Crofts) house to get free concert tickets.
  • Bill Spector doing one-armed pushups before football games to intimidate the opposing team.
  • Ladera AZA Regional Dances
 Cathy Goldwine
  • Running through the hallways of the El Cortez Hotel at Conventions ‘74 and ‘75 in San Diego.
 Phil Greenberg
  • Pulling off a girls wig in the parking lot at Bob’s Big Boy Culver City.
  • Softball championships in 1976 and 1978.
  • Bob Alexander’s Chapter Life Ceremony in 1975 that lasted beyond midnight.
 Shel Helfing
  • As Field Staff for the 1976 Kallah/Convention at Camp Hess Kramer, setting up Barney Jacobs to be caught at 2 AM under a bunk bed in the girls dorm.
 Linda Hirsch
  • Dance Marathons at the Youth House
 Richard Hofman
  • jumping into the fountain with Russell Sawyer at the University of the Pacific at Regional Convention after winning our semi-final basketball game
  • Spontaneously taking and giving life with Kenny Marks and Mike Shrago at Regional Convention
  • Screaming Mark Samuel Fryman, Mark Samuel Fryman
  • The jello toss fundraiser with Mike Shrago
  • Meetings at the Youth House and the accompanying chaos
  • Meeting at the Cookery (House of Pies) and literally all of Continental racing down Pico Blvd
  • Being picked up by the largest human in AZA and being dropped in the mud in a Yami-Continetal football game
  • Socials with Tel Aviva, Brentwood, etc.
  • Spin the bottle at my house with Dimona
  • Going to International Convention with Bernie Schaffer, Kenny Marks in Penn
  • Driving literally over Mulholland returning from a social in the Valley
  • playing sports with the boys
  • Visiting Judy Kivos house
  • Our weekly sports reports which made fun of the quality and antics of Continental's athletic prowess
  • The best and most original dirty song at Regional Convention--Hotel Continental
  • Being on the Gong Show with my 2 Continental buddies Kenny and Mike
  • Going to Bobs CC
  • Hanging out with my buddies at Yami
  • Wondering how Phil Greenberg learned to dance like that
  • Sardines and Pork and Beans
  • Taking life
  • Conducting the basketball marathon at the Westside Jewish Community Center and eating at Norms on Pico at 4 AM
  • Listening to Boston (Foreplay/Longtime) being blasted on my eight track in my piss yellow Firebird with Shrago and Marks being blown out of the backseat
  • Writing Bondage Forever, the Continental newspaper
  • Stan and Doris with whips and chains at District Convention
  • Sam's dad, Sam's dad
  • Tony Sperl always wearing army boots including at our football games
  • Winning best legs in the Region
  • Going to see Yes with Dave Matcha (Chacha) and Dave Brown
  • Being tagged with the nickname Bozzo...
  • Seeing Elvis on Sunset in his purple Stutz with Mike and others
  • Socials at Erin Horowitz's and change for a dime
  • Buster and Hela
  • Glenn Harris playing the piano or guitar but never completing a single song
  • Hanging out in Westwood--Westwood's dead
  • Jojo in the bed
  • The last large reunion at the pacifica hotel
  • Drinking what I thought was warm beer at a softball game
  • Flash Tony Flash
  • Making up all kinds of silly nicknames (hairless, archibold, flash,boots,snakes etc)
  • Learning the inherent chaos in the nations political system in election for Godol
  • Holding the important position of srgt. of arms
  • Carolyn Feis playing basketball for us
  • Larry Siegel's blown call at home plate in the championship softball game with Yami after my Clemente like through from deep left field
  • The seriousness of Food and Welfare
  • Learning at International Convention that different places sing the same songs in different ways
  • Following International Convention going with Kenny to New York
  • Being chased in NY with Bernie S. and Kenny Marks in Times Square by a Charlie Masnson lookalike
  • The unique menu at the McDonalds in Buttonwillow (on the way to UOP)
  • Picking up two Marines with Kenny and Tony in Hollywood and what did they do at the corner of Hollywood and Vine
  • Pocker games at Ken Paller's house
  • On our visit to NY with Kenny, Kenny never making it to the Empire State Building after kenny with an infected and leaky ear was bilked out of all his money within 100 feet of the landmark
  • The softserve ice cream at the Pickwood Bowl
 Temmie Novak
  • Favorite Hangout: Bob's Big Boy, Cafe Galleria (on Laurel Canyon) Brentwood gals and HPW guys would go there for coffee and dessert, also Cafe Figero in West Hollywood mostly for late night snacks
  • Favorite Socials: HPW, Cont., Ladara, and Ami AZA
  • My Car: 69 Firebird with really cool snow tires
  • Jerry Segal - known to all us girls as the “kissing bandit”. He tried to steal kisses from Shelley Fradkin, Jayne Goldman, myself and well, any other girl he came close to. And I give him credit, he never gave up!!!
  • When Mark Milhander became Godol of HPW, he told me it was a tradition for the guys in the chapter to give the the incoming Godol a “MELVIN.” So he decided to fool them, he wore ripped up and torn to pieces underwear. So when the guys pulled up on his underwear, it would rip more and wouldn't hurt his “private parts.”
  • Shelley Fradkin at convention “74” in San Diego changed her clothes every couple of hours every day and insisted we all (Brentwood BBG) do the same. She also complained about the girls who wore the same outfit all day.
  • Frank Pearlstein “ELTON” always entertained us at every social and regional function. He was a very fond memory of BBYO!!
  • Bob Alexander at convention “75” San Diego sucking on straws day and night, night and day. Then handing them out (like cigars at a baby's birth) saying “compliments of JFK AZA” (also printed on the straws). He was a very proud PaPa (I think his chapter won the song contest that year). It was funny and dirty. I wonder if he still remembers the words?
 Elaine Segal
  • “The Great Gavel Ripoff” between Westchester BBG and HPW AZA.
  • Lake Arrowhead Snow Trip - Westchester BBG and HPW AZA and Brentwood BBG.
  Andrea Sugar
  • The charity Dance marathon at the Youth House
  • Bob's Life Ceremony
  • Jerry Seigel's Life Ceremony. I spent the entire speech in his house.
  • TeePeeing the guy's cars
  • Snatch breakfasts at IHOP
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