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 AZA Officers
Aleph Godol, president
Aleph S'gan, vice-president
Aleph Moreh, 2nd v.p. in charge of conducting Aleph-In-Training class and membership
Aleph Mazkir, secretary
Aleph Gizbor, treasurer
Aleph Sopher, newspaper man, reporter, publicity
Aleph Shotare Godol, sergeant-at-arms
Aleph Shotare Kotone, assistant sergeant-at-arms
Aleph Kohen Godol, chaplain; usually the Past Godol

 BBG Officers
N'siah, president
S'ganit, vice president, in charge of programming
Aym Ha-chaverot, (MIT Mom) in charge of membership, recruitment, retention, and education
Sh'licha, promotes Jewish awareness, community service and social action
Gizbarit, treasurer
Katvanit, recording secretary
Mazkirah, corresponding secretary
Orechet, newspaper editor
Madricha, usually the past president who gives advice to the present N'siah