January-February 1978


While thousands visited the Soviet Trade Fair at the Los Angeles Convention Center in November, 1977, a counter display in support of Soviet Jewry and life for the Jews in the Soviet Union was being depicted on the second floor of the Center.

In conjunction with the exhibit, BBYO's Southwestern, San Fernando Valley, and Greater Los Angeles Regions held a massive rally, prayer vigil, and education workshop in support of Soviet Jewry. The rally was held in cooperation with the Commission on Soviet Jewry and the Youth Department of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation Council. The spirit was strong and the BBYO'ers concluded their day of support with a tour of the Soviet Jewry exhibits.

Tel Aviva BBG Greater Los Angeles Region, recently held a mother/daughter tea with its sponsoring B'nai B'rith Women Chapter, Wilshire BBW. The BBG members took the opportunity to present a gift to Sophia Franz, a member of the Wilshire BBW, who had generously helped support the BBG Chapter.

The Chapter also recently held a special Hanukka party with Yiddim BBG, Continental AZA and Ladera AZA. The three Chapters made latkes, saw a movie relating to Jewish heritage and held an open discussion with a rabbi. The evening ended with the playing of dreidel games and singing songs.

 June-July 1978

ISF $100 Club


Sabra, 210.38
Yiddim, 101.80


John F. Kennedy, 261.00
Westchester, 425.00
Continental, 142.80
Yaacov Springer, 235.60

 October 1978

District Convention Roundup

District 4

The fourth District Convention-Institute held at University of Pacific at Stockton, California, utilized the theme "With Siterhood and Fraternity...."

This represented the culmination of two years of effort throughout the District aimed at sensitizing members of AZA and BBG to their separate, unique identities as young Jewish Men and Women--as well as the need for inter-dependence under the umbrella of the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization.

Four Leadership Sessions were held, emphasizing basic skills and specific Chapter and Regional Leadership issues. While each group engaged in different exercises and projects, the overall curriculum had been determined in advance by the Staff, within basic guidelines. Thus, each group experienced essentially the same general material in various and creative ways, depending on the group leaders and the group process. The last session stressed the Jewish aspects of leadership with BBYO. The Oneg Shabbat and other Jewish Programs emphasized the theme of Israel's 30th Anniversary.

1978 AZA/BBG International Contest Winners

Second place in BBG Storytelling, Connie Adler

Program of the Year Awards
Community Service Council/Region/District: 1st place AZA: GLA Region
Jewish Awareness Council/Region/District: 1st place BBG: GLA Region