March 1977

More Happenings

Yiddim BBG of Los Angeles recently had a Slave Auction with help from their brother chapter, Menorah AZA. About 80 members of the Greater Los Angeles Region attended the event and the Chapter made over $90.

Prices paid for "slaves" ranged from $1 to $9 and as high as $20 for buying the complete Chapter.

Four Chapters in Greater Los Angeles Region recently participated in a dance at the Foundation for The Junior Blind.

Members of Sabra BBG, Brentwood BBG, John F. Kennedy AZA, and Ladera AZA danced with many blind youths who participate in programs sponsored by the Foundation.

According to Heather Klapman, Katvanit of Sabra BBG, "It was a fantastic activity. The members all had a great time and made lots of new friends."

 April 1977

More Happenings

Twenty-five men from Beverlywood B'nai B'rith Lodge #2086 and fifteen Alephs from Ladera AZA #1189 both of Los Angeles participated in a night of Bowling on February 5, 1977. The event was designed to raise money for the AZA International Service Fund and to create better relations between the sponsoring Lodge and the AZA Chapter. Prior to the event, the Alephs from Ladera obtained sponsors who were willing to assist the Alephs in the Tournament. The sponsor paid a penny a point for each bowler. LAdera AZA raised over $100.00 for I.S.F. and had a fun evening bowling with the men from Berverlywood Lodge.

The ISF $100 Club


  • Continental #1723, $125.00
  • Yaacov Springer #553, $100.00
 May 1977

Thousands of BBYO'ers Walk for UJA

From coast to coast, BBYO members were in the forefront in the first International UJA Walk-A-Thom.

On May 15th (in a few communities the date was different), virtually every city with a substantial Jewish population hed a Walk-A-Thom to raise money for the United Jewish Appeal. In a large number of those cities, BBYO members were the youth coordinators for the Walk-A-Thon was run by BBYO.

In Southern California, the three Regions--Greater Los Angeles, Southwestern and San Fernando Valley--turned out about 500 members to join with 5,000 others wo walk the 18 kilometers. In addition, BBYO members served as Walk monitors and helped in manning the booth at the end of the walk.

The ISF $100 Club


  • John F. Kennedy #456, $125.00
  • Ladera #1189, $202.79


  • Yiddim #1396, $118.45
  • Sabra #1337, $212.20
 October 1977


Millions of people throughout North America watched and participated in the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. This is also one of the most popular community service projects for AZA and BBG chapters. Just as a sample...

In Los Angeles, John F. Kennedy AZA No. 456 held a helium balloon sale and presented the $250.00 proceeds in person at the Los Angeles telecast of the Telethon.

For the last 18 years, the High Holy Days have represented a special king of meaning and tradition to the members of AZA and BBG of the 3 Regions in Southern California--San Fernando Valley Region, Greater Los Angeles, and Southwestern Region.

This year marked the 18th annual Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services planned and conducted by BBYO members.

The only program of its kind in North America, services were coordinated by Leslie Simon and Mitch Weiss of San Fernando Valley Region; Connie Adler and Howeard Miller of Greater Los Angeles Region; and Jamie Newman and Gus Sztreicher of Southwestern Region under staff coordination of Mr. Harry Frenkel and Mrs. Mimi Speilberg.

Although members are encouraged to worship with their families, these services give an opportunity for those youth to worship together who would not otherwise do so.

The unique event is subvented by the B'nai B'rith Women and augmented by supplementary funds from the 3 Southern California B'nai B'rith Youth Advisory Boards, under the sponsorship of Mr. Harry Davis of Greater Los Angeles Region, Mrs. Janet Lipkin of San Fernando Valley Region, and Mr. Paul Hirschfield of Southwestern Region. Contributing special guidance was Mr. Leon Rosenfield.

District Convention Roundup

District 4

Taking its theme from Jethro Tulls' declaration that "Life is a Long Song," District Four BBYO showed that it was turned on by tradition and felt that their interest in Jewish issues and observances was very "with it."

Reaffirming the success of the DCI (District Convention-Institute) format which combined a Leadership Training Institute for top-level Regional and Chapter Leaders with Convention Programming, this year's event hadd the added challenge and beauty of including the Shabbat. For the first time in its history, the DCI site--the Univesity of the Pacific at Stockton, California--served Kosher meat and permitted the serving of an alcoholic beverage in the school's dining room (Kosher wine for the traditional Friday evening chicken dinner with all the trimmings).

A particularly major feat was getting the dust off the gallon wine bottles which had sat on the shelves of the local liquor store for many years, during which there was not too much call for large quantities of Kosher wine!

Supplemented by considerable financial support from B'nai B'rith and B'nai B'rith Women in District Four and the District's share of ISF "BAck To The District" funds, the fee for those chosen to attend DCI included six days and five nights which began with an intensive Leadership Institute and ended with the selection of new District Officers.

Highlights experienced by the record number of pariticipants included small Leadership Training Groups led by District Staff; a consciousness-raising experience on Jewish Awareness during the "heavy" Oneg Shabbat Program; Creative and Traditional Havdallah, Friday Evening and Saturday morning Services; Elective Group Sessions on such subjects as "Women in Judaism," The Falashas," "New Views on Intermarriage," "An Adventure in Jewish Fantasy and Science Fiction," "How to make it with Jewish Programming in BBYO," "The Inside Story of Birth Control--The Jewish Way," "Do you have a Jewish Mother?," "Everything you Always Wanted to Know About your Jewish Values. but Lost Somewhere," "Jewish Soul Music" and "The Official BBYO Fan Club." These Elective sessions were led by staff and youth leadership.

The summary of the in-depth evaluations perpared by all participants and Staff indicated wide-spread acceptance of the expanded DCI format with particular support for including the Shabbat and relating leadership skills to Jewish values and traditions. Many Regional Associations have now begun to incorporate variations of the "Convention-Institute" format for their major Regional Events, so that larger numbers of AZA'ers and BBG'ers can be exposed to this approach which combines the usual important Convention sessions with the learning of leadership skills to bring back to their Chapters.

Also reiterated was the importance of keeping the total number of participants and the size of various groupings samll enough to provide for sufficient interaction as well as sisterhood and fraternity.

 December 1977


Two of the three Regions representing the Southern California area gathered together recently for an all-day athletic event. Greater Los Angeles BBG and San Fernando Valley Region BBG participated jointly in three-legged races, water balloon fights, frisbee games and softball. It was reported that cheers and yells by the BBGers were heard throughout the park and for block beyond.

A Roundup of Regional Conventions

At the Greater Los Angeles Region annual spring Convention, the AZA and BBG delegates had a chance to find out "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Jewish Los Angeles, But Were Afraid To Ask."

In a program coordinated by Devra Lupowitz, of the Youth Department of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation Council, the 130 delegates had an opportunity to learn about the many Jewish agencies serving Greater Los Angeles. In addition, the delegates had an opportunity to hear from Michael Reiner, Director of the American Zionist Youth Federation, who spoke on Israel and its youth. The balance of the weekend was taken up with services, business sessions, contests, and a disco dance.