February 1973


GLA AZA Runners

Jerusalem has moved to Los Angeles--well, almost! That was the impression given Southern California when BBYO participated in the opening of the highly successful Jerusalem Fair at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The event began with alephs of Southwestern Region, Greater Los Angeles Region, and San Fernando Valley Region running the Jerusalem Fair Torch. Carrying the torch was Henry Feldman, Southwestern Regional Mazkir.

The torch was then presented to Jan Fried, Southwestern BBG Fellowship Chairman, who presented it to Mayor Teddy Kolleck of Jerusalem and Mayor Samuel Yorty of Los Angeles.

Torch Given to Sam Yorty
 July 1973


BBYO'ers in many areas have participated in raising funds for the local United Jewish Appeal. Recently the members of Greater Los Angeles Region held a "secret bus tour" during which they visited three agencies in the Los Angeles area that are recipients of funds from the United Jewish Welfare Fund. This was followed by a meeting at the Youth House where the members were introduced to the needs of the Jewish communities of Israel and the Soviet Union as well as the American scene.

Though the interest developed by the bus tour and mass meeting, two UJWF Phone nights were arranged. Thirty to forty BBYO'ers attended each of these meetings and phoned other area teens. Over $2,000 in pledges were realized from these efforts.

 September-October 1973
1973-74 International Executive Board of AZA
1973-74 INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE BOARD OF AZA (l. to r.) District 4 Godol, Don Gershbock; District 3 Godol, Jeff Ashin; Grand Aleph S'gan Iddo Pred Hatzur; Grand Aleph Godol, Mike Lee; Grand Aleph S'gan, Elliot Rittenberg; Grand Aleph Mazkir, Marshall Shoctor; District 7 Godol, Steve Bresler; District 5 Godol, Leonard Sokolow; District 6 Godol, Joe Weil; and District 1-22 Godol, Mark Paull. Not shown are District 2 Godol, Jim Kaplan and Grand Aleph Kohen Godol, Mel Nasielski.

Conventions Kick-Off Golden Anniversary Year

The 50th annual International Convention of AZA and BBG's 29th Annual International Convention will long be remembered by the 320 delegates present. Not only did this kick off the celebration of the Golden Anniversary of AZA, it also made history by electing the first officers from outside North America in BBYO's history. This alone would have been sufficient to make this summer's International Convention an historic one. However, the delegates went beyond this to pass separate resolutions calling for committees to investigate the effectiveness of the District level. While other Conventions have discussed this sensitive issue, this is the first Convention to establish a study committee to examine this important question.

The Convention theme, "From Generation To Generation," was evident throughout the Convention but was especially applicable in two major programs. District Four BBYO brought Yerusha to Convention. Yerusha is Hebrew for Heritage. In conjunction with The National Foundation-March of Dimes, District Four presented an opportunity for conventioneers to think about their heritage as it applies to genetic disease, birth defects, VD, abortion, etc. The program culminated in the presentation of an exciting March of Dimes filmstrip, "Tomorrow Happens Today."

. . . Elected to lead AZA and BBG in the upcoming year were both of last year's ILTC co-ordinators. Serving as Grand Aleph Godol for the Fiftieth Anniversary year is Mike Lee of Culver City, Calif. Besides serving as Grand Aleph Mazkir for the 1972-73 year, Mike has been active on the chapter level as well as the regional and district level. Mike is a freshman at UCLA....

 November-December 1973


For the 25th consecutive year, Greater Los Angeles, Southwestern, and San Fernando Valley Regions, the three regions serving Southern California conducted special BBYO High Holiday Services. The teen services provided a blend of ancient tradition and contemporary social comment through a multi-media mini-drama, traditional and original prayers and both traditional and contemporary music by choir and guitarists.