November-December 1970
Soviet Jewry Rally
Part of the impressive Washington D.C. youth rally for Soviet Jewry brought BBYO contigents from many states, including this California trio: Neil Cutler, left, District Four Young Adults president; Candy Reffe, District Four N'siah and Ron Goldstein, District Four Godol.

 April 1970

Chapter Roundup

PACIFIC PALISADES chapter, only a few months old, claims it is making headway in overcoming apathy. Larry Gurwin, the aleph sopher, reports the chapter issues a paper "OxNard" that covers every meeting. He's looking for thoughtful BBYO articles--especially if they're on the witty side. Write to him at 521 S Bentley Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90049.
 May-June 1970

BBG Chapters in the News

FIDELITY chapter, Los Angeles region, won the regional cooking contest which entitled the chapter to send an extra delegate to the regional convention.

Biafra Banquet

LOS ANGELES--It was an austere occasion, indeed.

The Greater LA Region BBG arranged a kickoff evening for a drive to collect high-protein food for the children of Biafra.

A native speaker was on hand to recount the grim story of hardship in his country--and then followed a "banquet for Biafra". Instead of the sack lunch most guests expected, they received a shocking two ounces of dry milk powder and a glass of water, a Biafran meal.

But in view of what they had learned, it's doubtful most participants could have enjoyed a normal meal, anyway.

Because the situation in Nigeria was confused and there was no guarantee at this time that it would actually reach the needy children, an entire roomful of food brought to the meeting was donated, instead, to the grape strikers in Delano, Calif. The money raised by the region, however, was sent for Biafran relief through CARE.

 July-August 1970

All Around the Order

LOS ANGELES--A fund to honor the memory of an adult who was deeply involved in the work of BBYO has been established here. He was Rudi Hirsch, district chairman of the BBYO executive board and treasurer of the BBYO advisory board.

 September-October 1970
Paige Reffe Paige Reffe from Ladera AZA is elected
Grand Aleph Godol

On the District Level

District Four dispensed with its usual convention to hold a convention institute, which stressed such themes as Judaic values, leadership, membership and personal communication. The institute was held at the University of Southern California dormitories at Long Beach and the principal theme was "Bridge Over Troubled Waters."

Participants emphasized the close relationship between the six regions of the district, each of which was in charge of a phase of the institute program. Skits, films, slides and other devices were used.

Among subjects of the seminars at the institute: Concepts of God, Prayer Worship, The Jewish Role in Current Affairs, The Non-Jewish View of the Jew, Radical Judaism and Judaism Without Organized Religion.

 November-December 1970

New Staff Appointments

MRS. CHARLOTTE CORNFELD assumed her duties this summer as director of Greater Los Angeles Region, District 4. A graduate of the University of Los Angeles, she was, for five years, director of student activities for the Hillel Foundation at Los Angeles Valley College. Previously, she served as a BBYO field worker in Los Angeles. Mrs. Cornfeld was president of her B'nai B'rith Women's chapter.

In the Districts and Regions: So. California Tradition: High Holy Day Services

For the 20th time, BBYO of Southern California conducted High Holy Services this year on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

A spacious auditorium, that of Beverly Hills High School, was selected for both services. This was in marked contrast to the first such service of two decades ago which took place in a vacant lot. A noteworthy aspect of the services is that they are conducted in toto by AZA, BBG, and BBYA, under the guidance of BBYO staff. BBYA this year, held seperate services at B'nai B'rith Youth House, Los Angeles.

A special booklet for the services has been developed and improved over the years which has value for adherents of all branches of Judaism; while providing information about High Holy Day ceremonies over many centuries.

The BBYO event, however, is not designed as a substitute for the synagogue; it is held annually only on the two holy days--and members are urged to attend regular services with their parents throughout the year in temples and synagogues.

Southwestern region, under the chairmanship of Larry Weinberg and Beverly Fried, coordinated the Rosh Hashanah service. English and Hebrew readers, Torah readers and a sermonette were all chosen from among local BBYO members.

Greater Los Angeles region, under chairmanship of Marc Serar and Sherri Bernhut coordinated the Yom Kippur program.

B'nai B'rith Women of District 4, as in the past, provided necessary funds and sponsorship was provided by the Southern California Youth Advisory board, and the Southwestern Youth Advisory board.